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Writer Role


  • Emerging Channels is made up of a fantastic team of writers and editors who work closely together to produce the best content practicable, as well as create the best collaborative environment possible.
  • We have a dedicated, respectful, and social team of people of various backgrounds, experiences, cultures and locations.
  • We have been through the initial pain barrier and are really going to expand the team this year. It is an exciting time to join in.
  • We are looking for skilled content writers who can start immediately or very soon, who will be long-term members of this team.  They must be able to produce work to instruction consistently, with no spelling or grammar mistakes. Someone who is native English speaking is preferred.


  • You MUST be a team player and have great communication skills – Anyone who prefers not being an active member of the team, or prone to negativity, will find it difficult, if not impossible, to work with us.
  • You MUST be reliable - For example, when agreeing to complete you work, you will ensure delivery within the time you specified. Otherwise, you should give early warning to let us know why you can not complete it on time. This will allow us to notify another team member who can get it taken care of by deadline.
  • You MUST have the dedication and time to commit to regular writing – at least a few times per week. Daily would be ideal.
  • You MUST have a gmail account, and have knowledge of Google Drive, as this is what our writers and editors use so they may collaborate and work together.
  • You MUST have a Skype account. - For communication within the team, we are using Skype. No video is required. We simply use it to chat with one another if we have comments, questions, etc., or even would just like to say “hi.”
  • Always communicate in a respectful, calm, and positive manner.
  • Desire to be an active member of a quality content producing team – You may not yet realize you have this desire of course, but being active within the team will bring great rewards.
  • Desire to improve and take action on advice given by editors and other writers – They are there to help ensure your message comes across in what you write, another pair of eyes so to speak, so their feedback is useful and must be acted on to improve. You will be expected to keep a record of whatever issues are raised with your writing and pro-actively find ways to correct it.
  • Ability to produce content with little, or better still, no editing required.
  • Able to follow instructions – This is important, because this is how our clients will measure our quality.
  • Dedication to good writing – Beyond any language skill, there is an absolute minimum standard you must adhere to at any level. This includes no plagiarism and good researching from authoritative resources, for example.


  • The work quantity and quality will vary, depending on the group you are selected to be in. There are currently 4 groups of writers. Normally, work is to be submitted within a 12 hour deadline. Other projects have different flexible commitments, however.
  • You will follow and work to improve the process that is in place by working with the rest of the team.
  • Any writer that shows they understand language, grammar, and instructions will also be able to choose between content creation and editing.
  • If a writer is a great team player and understands the process well, there is an opportunity to become a Team Leader, or even get involved with Management.


  • Current rate range is $5-$10 per 1000 words and is exclusive of any financial or service charges.  No Upfront payment before you start anything.
  • $5 per 1000 words is where most writers start, but if you require little or no editing and show you can follow instructions well, you will be trialled in different projects at the $7 or $10 rate.
  • We are all striving to increase the rates, which is possible through proving that we can deliver quality content on time and to specification.