Welcome to the Emerging Channels Recruitment Site!

If you have entered this page, it could be that you were invited from a recruitment service, have been invited personally by anyone on the team, or simply just found this in a search, whichever way it was, the process described here is the one place where you can make yourself known to us and ideally be chosen to be part of a special team.

This page has been created to give you a bit of background information on Emerging Channels and the roles we are looking to fill. It will also give you instructions as to how to get started and join in.

We are currently looking to recruit the following roles:

These roles will be coming up very soon:

  • Curators
  • Google Apps Scripters
  • Trainers and Documenters
  • Team Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Admin Staff
  • Quality Assistants

The question of why 'hamster' is used as a code word in the job description - It is there to ensure that only applicants who actually read the details apply, so that those who do not mention it can be quickly dismissed as per not following instructions. The word guinea pig will be used soon too, as that one is more iconic within the team.

Thank you for your interest in joining our team, we are constantly looking for new applicants and hope you are successful in yours. If you are one who believes in quality and striving to learn to be the best, then we are interested in you.

We offer an interesting role that emphasizes collaboration and teamwork. You will not be working in isolation here, you become part of a team of people spread all over the globe that has similar aspirations to you and are there for support. You quickly learn that there is so much to gain by sharing work and learning from others. We also believe we have the best team on the Internet! This as a principle, not necessarily a proven fact, is a great aim to work toward and we try to keep improving towards it every day.

Emerging Channels is a service to its clients for interacting with their audience through many of the new and existing channels. It is strictly based on the idea of a team who are all equals within the process they are creating, a team that collaborates towards both self-development and providing the best quality to the client as well as working towards their highest ideals. 

Emerging Channels has not officially launched yet and everything is formed as it moves forwards. It will be both challenging and unique, with a chance for you to join in at the beginning with a great team already there.

Next Steps

If you wish to join in, then please give us some background about you on our Prospective Candidate Form. You will then receive a response from the email address on what to do next. If you have any questions in the meantime, then feel free to email to that address, but for speedy response please use a subject like "Writer Post - YourName" with your full name details in YourName and we will get back to you.
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