Article Writing Essential Training Level

Essential Training Level articles will give you well structured, well informed and interesting articles at the quality level of our Essential Level, but with a medium delay of 2 to 4 business days. The Essential articles are best for product reviews & comparisons, eBooks and landing pages, for example, where you need only information from trusted sources, with professional presentation by writers who are approved within the system. The Essential Training writers spend time at this level under the direction of writers who have had plenty of experience with the type of content required, giving them suggestions and support as they become more professional and trusted.
  • Call to action tied into article content
  • Writers being trained to handle multiple content types and lengths
  • Project Manager ensures larger projects have consistent structure and voice
  • Information from only trusted sources
  • Research from only authority sites within article market
  • Article can be a minimum 100 words – no maximum
  • Client rating welcome – simply by star rating or comment
  • Cost Per Word 3¢
  • Turnaround Time: 2 to 4 business days
  • Always Unique and Original - all Copyscape Premium checked so no plagiarism
  • Fully Proofed - No grammar or spelling issues
  • Full quality checks - to the standard you require.
To Order - Check to see if you are happy to take any of the available slots below. Each slot is equivalent to an article of up to around 500 words, up to 1000 words will be considered to be 2 slots. The Order Form is at the bottom of this page and will help you define what content you need. If you want to talk about your order first then send your requirements in an email to ''. Payments are made through PayPal to ''.

Need Cheaper Articles? - If you are willing to wait a bit longer then take a look at the Article Writing Simple Level page to see if there is an available slot or delivery date that suits you. These articles are created from information found in pages within a search engine search that is presented in an interesting way. For the lesser complexity and simpler research these articles are available at 2¢ per word.

Need Articles Faster? - If you want the same quality but faster then take a look at the availability of the Article Writing Essential Level which has a 1 to 2 business days deadline at 4¢ per word. On the Essential Level there is also also a facility for more Urgent articles if you need them within hours.

Need Articles with more Authority or have Complex requirements - Please take a look at the higher levels on the Article Writing page. The full Research, Authority, Copywriting and Expert levels will come online once the levels are running without issue. They are still available however at the rates previously advertised but for the moment if you have a special project please email '' with what you need and we will see if we are up to them.

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