Article Writing

Interesting, readable and informative articles make you more noticeable on the Internet. In a rapidly changing world there are always new ideas, new calls to action, new prospective clients for you to serve. Let our articles writers help you achieve this and bring your market to you.
We try as much as possible to ensure there are tightly focused teams working on each of the projects so you always get creativity and consistency, along with constant improvement.

Article Levels

We have refined our offering here into separate levels - once we have these working with no issues then we will increase the levels and bring in new writers onto the system.
  • Test Level - 1¢ per word
    • The most economical, used for testing writers so can be slow

  • Simple Training Level - 1.5¢ per word 
    • Training writers to the simple level means extra checking, medium delay.

  • Simple Level - 2¢ per word
    • For spreading the word simply, in an informative and easy to read article, with professional quality.

  • Essential Training Level - 3¢ per word
    • Training writers to deal with complex formats and tough subjects, medium delay.

  • Essential Level - 4¢ per word
    • Carefully written articles that follow complex rules or maintain a consistent voice across large sites.

!Coming Very Soon!

  • Research Training Level - training of careful and critical writers to ensure that every word is fact. Medium delay.

  • Research Level - for full factual research from indisputable sources. In subjects where content needs checking thoroughly or needs 

  • Authority Training Level - committed and determined writers who want to make a name for themselves and beat their competition

  • Authority Level - full research and fact checking, looking for the best articles on the Internet in your chosen topic and beating them, whatever it takes. Especially useful in tough markets where you need to be great to stand out. Infographics and Viral

  • Sales Copywriting Training Level - committed and determined writers who want to train to stand out in influencing their readers. Medium Delay.

  • Sales Copywriting Level - for convincing your (researched and understood) reader the benefits and need for them to act on your article to remove their pains and problems.

  • Expert Training Level - for writers training on influencing a market and promoting their expertise. These will be the best in their field. Medium Delay.

  • Expert Level - by writers that are exclusive experts in the field 

New Article Writing Ordering System

We are introducing a new system to ensure more control over scheduling and quality control, while at the same time creating an environment that helps the writers maintain creativity and professionalism. We have in the past been great at bringing content together and forming teams to work on the most complex of problems, though admittedly where we stumbled occasionally was on delivery. Most of the time everything went to plan, but then sometimes unexpected things happened and we found, without the controls, things took longer than expected. It is bad news for you with your deadlines and it is terrible news for our reputation. 

Well, we win in collaboration and excel in quality, and we are going to use both with our new solution that is going to remove creeping deadlines and late deliveries for good.

It is so effective at solving the problem that we can offer a few rates that we have not even thought about for a few years. If you want quality right down to just 1¢ per word then there is a solution that benefits us both.

Introducing Order Slots to Maintain Reliable Quality

As we control schedules a lot better now, we now have a system of Order Slots. This ensures the work that you request has the capacity in our system to get it done, with the same great quality, for a fantastic price, and on time. All orders of articles will be given a number of slots, where each article up to 500 words will be considered to be 1 slot and then on up to 1000 words to be 2 slots. The test level articles are a little different, they are always given out singly therefore are simply 1 slot each.

Careful Roll Out to Start

We are rolling this out carefully, but will be increasing it constantly to match demand and future research projects. So the available slots at first may be a little low, we will keep showing what is available on a daily basis for currently up to 10 weeks ahead. If it turns over well we will keep you up to date here with what article levels are available and automate the process better.

Delivery May Be Sooner than Stated

It is likely that the lower levels get filled faster than the upper ones, this is natural and will promote growing any of the levels that need more staff. It may be likely too that writers and editors of the upper levels will on occasional grab a number of the lower levels to keep their own work level turning over. What it means in the long term however is that will always be a realistic balance of content creators against content demand that is fair to both the creators and their consumers.

Ordering a Quantity of Articles

If you order a significant quantity of articles then they will likely cover more than just one date in the schedule, meaning they will have different start dates. The advantage is that you will see a constant stream of delivery until the order is finished. If the demand rises so that most of the slots are constantly used then we will put more effort in increasing the availability.

Ownership of Articles

Ownership of article is transferred to the client upon final delivery, payment and acceptance.