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Essential Content Order Form

ou need content written by professional and talented writers but not ones that are too expensive to get started with. You need writers that understand the issues of creating content on the web and how search engines treat the written word. You need writers that understand how to research material from sites that are respected and that can create content suited to the subject or title you requested. However, you need to be able to afford writers that are skilled enough to do this properly. 

So this is the standard price point - 3¢ per word.

This allows good project management and thorough testing throughout the process of creating your content, leaving enough to allow writers and editors to put together just what you need based on the information you send.
  • Content that is unique, with absolutely no plagiarism and always checked against the professional duplicate checking services of Copyscape Premium. 
  • Content that is typographically correct so that Google's analytics will never consider it low quality, or even spam.
  • Content that is structurally correct so the Google spiders will read them easily and understand their subject, so that they will be placed correctly within the searches.
  • Content that will act as a great framework on which you can build your future content management activities on.
  • Content that will help you to see clearly what your audience is interested in.

Orders up to 10 items of content are promised to be ready within 7 days, with an aim to deliver within 3 days. If you need something quicker then an URGENT Content request is available.

For information on the differences between content voice then see 

For really important content that has to cover topics in a brand new way, be thoroughly researched, presenting the information in a new way, then look below for Researched Authority Content or even Full Authority SEO Content.