We Write Great Articles

posted 18 Dec 2014, 04:34 by Unknown user

Take a look at the new pages under Content and Media that describes the levels of Article Writing available. Content is always needed and sadly the Internet is awash with the debris of a war between marketers and search engines. Although we cannot rectify that, we can offer more sensible content to those that want to add value and attract their audience. Whether this is through having landing pages that take care of their prospective audiences and fulfil their needs, or having 'call to action's to those who they have solutions for, or just simply being informative, entertaining and creative.

Try us out - I know you will be impressed. I know this because we keep working on improving and learning from mistakes and challenges.
The Essential Articles are the best level for giving it a test.

Quiet Launching of Emerging Channels

posted 2 Aug 2014, 08:13 by Unknown user   [ updated 2 Aug 2014, 08:13 ]

As all things are coming together in stages I do not wish to make a lot of noise until a number of features and services are fully working. However, this does not detract from the 14th. July being a special date - it is the official launch date of Emerging Channels. Soon there will be time for a little celebration...

The empty page...

posted 12 May 2014, 08:44 by Shawn @EC   [ updated 12 May 2014, 08:45 ]

The hardest part, but the most exciting, is the moment the blank canvas is to be make unique. All the possibilities exist in your mind, together with your fears of it not working as you dreamed it should.

This is that moment...

A drop in the ocean of the Internet. Unheard of in the noise...

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