This site looks rather minimalist doesn't it, but that is driven by the very principle of having here only what is needed. 

No fluff, some experimentation, some creativity, some things placed because they might be useful to somebody or are deemed necessary, but nothing to follow the herd or unwanted.

Emerging Channels is the commercial side of sharing action, getting things done together to achieve a purpose. As it is the commercial side we do employ people, we do advertise and we do get things done for a price. We like to do this in an open and transparent way, everyone knowing what everyone is doing and the reward they receive for it, but we do understand we have clients who do not feel comfortable with being so visible, they are in competition with others and it would not be appropriate to show their hand so to speak. So we treat your information with care, and adhere to a privacy policy that simply put means, we do not share anything that belongs to a client unless specifically allowed to.